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Our Services

Our brand new, fully-equipped and modern vet practice in Crossgates, Leeds can provide all the services you need for your pets.

We have invested in high quality facilities and equipment so we can perform as much work in-house for your pet as possible. We can provide complete, compassionate care at every stage of your pet's life.

Preventative Healthcare and Pet Vaccinations

We know the importance of keeping your pet happy and healthy. We can advise on and provide primary and booster vaccinations including Kennel Cough for dogs, parasite treatment against fleas, worms and ticks, pet food diets and health supplements for all stages of life.

Our Pet Healthcare Plan is carefully designed to give you the best value healthcare for your pet.

Veterinary Diagnostics and Blood Tests

Our brand new vet clinic in Leeds is fully fitted with the most modern equipment available.

If your pet is injured or ill, we will be there for you to provide speedy and thorough testing to determine what is wrong and how we can make them feel better!

We have an in-house laboratory for blood and urine tests, modern x-ray and ultrasound machines and can perform most tests your pet requires on-site to get results within hours.

Vet Medicines and Treatments

It's a worrying time when your pet is ill or injured. Our skilled and experienced team of vets and vet nurses are here to provide your pet with the very best treatment available. We know every pet is a loved member of the family and we treat them as we would our own.

From sudden injury and illness to chronic health conditions such as skin allergies, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes or cancer, we are here to care for your pets every step of the way.

Vet Operations, Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery

Our team of vets and fully-qualified veterinary nurses can perform a wide range of operations including soft tissue surgery, tumour removal and orthopaedics.


Our state of the art operating theatre is equipped with modern facilities and anaesthetic monitoring equipment to keep your pet safe during their procedure.

Pet Dentistry

Pets get bad teeth too! Dental disease causes pain, smelly breath and can impact on your pet's general health, worsening other conditions.

Here at Leeds Veterinary Centre we are passionate about dental care - keeping your pet's teeth healthy through preventative care and providing dental treatment under general anaesthetic when needed. Our nurses can also advise on home dental care and help you train your pets to have their teeth cleaned.

Overnight Hospitalisation for Pets

We have modern, fully-equipped and comfortable cat and dog wards to provide your furry friends with a comfortable stay in the practice. We even have a bedroom so our vets and nurses can stay over to care for them and have a decent night's sleep too!

If your pet needs to stay in overnight we can provide continual care on-site, so no travelling backwards and forwards to another practice for you and your pets.

NB. If your pet is really poorly and needs 24-hour supervision we have amazing colleagues at Swift Emergency who will provide more intensive care at their purpose-built facility, a short drive from the practice.

Emergency Vet Care

We are open and here for you and your pets six days a week and we can provide overnight care for ill or injured pets who need to stay in with us.

However, as a small team we simply cannot provide round-the-clock appointments, so outside of normal opening hours, our trusted and experienced colleagues at Swift Emergency are there for you and your pets. Just call our number as usual and we'll put you through to them.

End of life care

Saying goodbye to your pet is one of the hardest parts of being a pet-owner.

We will be with you and by your side when it comes to making those sad decisions and letting go.

Our promise to you and your pets is to serve with compassion and help you through that difficult day.

We can offer a comforting and private appointment at the practice, home visits and cremation services.

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