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We are Cat Friendly

What does this mean? It means here at Leeds Veterinary Centre everyone is a cat lover, but we also understand how stressful visiting the vets can be for our feline patients. So we have planned our practice with special adaptations to minimise this stress, and our whole team is trained in Cat Friendly handling techniques and behaviours. Find out more below . . .

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Our Cat Advocates

Veterinary Surgeon Katherine and Registered Veterinary Nurse Lidia are our practice Cat Advocates. They are both passionate about cats and providing the very best care we can offer for our patients when they are away from home. Lidia and Katherine work with the rest of the team to make the practice welcoming and stress-free zone for kitties.

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Cattitude at Leeds Veterinary Centre

Cats are not small dogs! Cats are cats and as any cat lover knows, we have to meet them on their own terms, for they won't have it any other way.


Cats as a species are amazing, adaptive and mysterious, and as individuals our pet cats can be independent and aloof, friendly and affectionate, inquisitive, intelligent, wary and sometimes fierce!

Here at Leeds Veterinary Centre we strive to understand cats and adapt our behaviour and facilities to meet their needs. We are always learning from our feline friends and love meeting every single one. From fluffy kittens to elderly citizens, from cuddly pets to feral and street cats; every cat at Leeds Veterinary Centre is welcomed and treated with compassion and respect.


Cat-Friendliness Starts in Reception

Our reception has a cat-only waiting area tucked away from dogs and other patients. We even have "cat parking" bays, raised off the ground and enclosed on five sides, where you can place your cat carrier to make your cat feel even more safe and secure.

We offer towels and Feliway spray to all cat patients waiting for the appointments to help them settle.

We have advice sheets available on how to reduce stress for your cats at home, and during vet visits, as well as helpful tips on giving medications to your cat or introducing them to a new food.

Sara and kitten

Our Cat-Only Consult Room


This is a dog-free zone! A quiet, cosy consult room just for our feline patients. With plenty of cat toys and treats to keep them distracted and relaxed, and special cat shelves so they can get up out of the way and feel safe.


Dedicated Cat Ward

Our cat hospitalisation ward has been carefully planned to be as Cat Friendly as possible.

The ward is away from the sometimes noisy dog ward and busy prep area, as well as theatre with it's unusual smells and sounds.

Our specially designed cat pens are heavy duty plastic rather than metal, so they are quieter, warmer and less reflective and scary for cats.

The doors have glass fronts to allow cats to see out but keep the pens nice and warm and reduce the spread of infection.

Each cat gets a big fluffy bed and somewhere to hide if they want some privacy.

We even have classical music playing to keep our kitty patients chilled out during their stay.

Lifelong Cat Care - we believe in healthy ageing

Cats have very different needs and behaviours as they move from kittens, to young adults, mature adults, seniors and finally geriatric felines.


We love meeting cats of all ages and can help you understand your cat and provide them with the very best care throughout their lives.

Older cats especially are fiercely independent and don't like to tell us when they are feeling unwell. We need to keep an eye on them and look for subtle changes to identify problems early on and keep them healthier for longer.


Helping all cats

We believe every cat deserves excellent care

We work closely with cat charity The Cat Action Trust to treat stray, feral and street cats in need of veterinary care. This can include trap, neuter and release programmes for stray cats, ensuring they are treated for parasites and patching up their wounds and injuries.

Friendly cats who like living with people are neutered, vaccinated and chipped and found loving new homes.

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